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"Ofrin has a vision, a world of her own. Her music is almost a dangerously hypnotic attempt to open up and transform one from this world to another. Just when you thought that you figured her out, she jumps on you and pulls you into a trance-like, wonderfully wild strudel, which picks you up lovingly, challenges and lifts you. Ofrin is more than music. Ofrin is Odysseus and the Sirens combined.“ (Robert Gwisdek aka Käptn Peng)
OFRIN Music is characterized by her ability to create a world through thematic and cinematic composing, it holds the delicate combination between organic and electronic audio, bringing east and west together, nostalgic and modernism into a powerful, poppy and shamanic story telling.

OFRIN aka Ofri Brin, Is a singer - producer and visual artist Living in Berlin.
Born in Israel in 1981, at the age of 14 she began singing and started her musical 2004 after participating in several musical projects in New York, Brighton and Tel -Aviv she finally set foot in Berlin where she established her band OFRIN.
Between 2005-2008 the Band released their highly acclaimed debut album "Rust & Velvet" followed by an outstanding LP "On Shore Remain", a collaboration with producer and keyboarder Eddie Stevens ( MOLOKO, ZERO 7, ROISIN MURPHY, Freak Power).

In 2010 the Band ways parted and Ofri continues working as a solo artist under the same name.
With her first solo work “THE BRINGER”, she realizes for the first time the dream of a musical-visual overall project and in March 2012 presents her music in a conceptual Performance in the sold-out Babylon Cinema in Berlin.

in 2013 the album of “THE BRINGER”was released by the label "Kreismusik"of the hip hop duo "Shaban feat. Käptn Peng"got both media's and commercial incredible attention. Including wonderful review at the rolling stone Magazine, sold out performances around Europe, touring the best seller's author Frank Schätzing as a special guest, participation in the well known TEDtalk platform.
"..the ability to melt endless influences into one story is in OFRIN's nature..a nostalgic and modern world, a cosmos of sound, where the oriental and western coming to life in a combination between elements of Jazz electronic apparat and a hypnotizing voice are whole.." (ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE 2013)

in June 2016, 8 months After the birth of her first daughter, OFRIN's releases her fourth studio album ORE, co-produced with Label colleague T.Raumschmiere.
Between 2016 spending more time off stage producing music and video work for her own project and for other musician and artists, such as Tony Levin (David Bowie, Peter Gabriel), Stick men, Almost Charlie, African 808, Cargocult, Ellen lindner, Alex Stoltze, Reinhold Beckmann, Frank Schätzing and more.

In november 2017 she is contacted by the New-Zealand world-known musician KIMBRA and results as her European- tour opening act. The two are also planing to team up for future collaboration.
In January 2018 OFRIN went on a Festival tour together with one of Israel's most known orchestras Raanana Symphonette, Playing her original material, combining both orchestral classical arrangements and her electronics and visuals.

She is currently Building a new recording studio and working on sevral albums and other collaborations with colleagues from the art and music world. And a new project which is investigating
the influence of sound memories on our cultural DNA.